Generally we face chronic diseases, directly linked to our patients' way of living. They normally had to deal with these diseases during all their lives, but now hope to solve them at once. Some diseases are incurable. In this case the main task of the physician is to teach patients how to live with them and to enjoy their lives. The way towards such acceptance is inevitably a long one, especially if only the physician is willing to travel the required distance.

Andrey Prihodko, M.D.General Practitioner: intensive care, cardiology, internal diseases.

Euromed Clinic, St Petersburg, has been founded in 1999 as a starting venture of the EuroMed Group, now including Euromed Clinic - multidisciplinary medical center, Euromed Kids - multidisciplinary pediatric clinic, Euromed Invitro – IVF clinic and Euromed Express – ambulance and medical evacuations provider.

The entire Euromed holding is committed to high standard personality - based principle of rendering healthcare services according to worldwide protocols and generally accepted medical regulations. It empowers us to serve the St. Petersburg most prominent families, vast majority of diplomatic missions in our region, expatriates who permanently reside in the area as well as tourists visiting our city and its surroundings.

Today Euromed Clinic is an effectively managed and well organized multi-specialty medical center. Our clinic consists of fully equipped outpatient facility, emergency response and ambulance teams, and a diversified hospital with wide variety of last-word equipment. Best professionals have been chosen to meet the high quality standards and requirements of our patients and partners.

Wherever business, leisure or other interest may take you to St. Petersburg or any other location within the boundaries of the former Soviet Union, in other words, one sixth of the Earth surface, we are capable to provide fast and adequate solution to any demand related to healthcare services. Euromed Group provides comprehensive coverage of medical needs from A to Z and is at your disposal 24 hours a day.