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Outpatient and inpatient surgery

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Vita pulchra et necessaria

Vita pulchra et necessaria

Life is great and essential

Euromed procedure room is fully equipped for minor surgical interventions with local or general anesthesia. Day Care Unit is often used for short-term rehabilitation after surgery.

We provide following minor surgical interventions:

  • Surgical debridement of traumatic and thermal damages (wounds, burns, frostbites);
  • Purulent surgery (abscesses, furuncles, phlegmonas);
  • Treatment of ingrown nails and nail fungal infections (removal and resection of the nail, reconstruction of the nail bed);
  • Laser resection of skin neoplasms and innocent soft tissue tumors;
  • Assistance in acute pain management (anal fissures, hemorrhoids, perirectites).

We use up-to-date bandaging and suture materials as well as all types of disposable instruments available. All reusable metal instruments are known to go through three-stage sterilization and vacuum-packaging to guarantee sterility of the instrument for six months.

The most important advantage for our patients is that Euromed, being multi-specialty medical center, has all the equipment to perform any lab tests, x-rays and ultrasound examinations if needed. We guarantee that we never perform the surgery if there is a chance that drug therapy would be effective.