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Primus inter pares

Primus inter pares

The first among equals

All Euromed physicians are licensed as family practitioners - this certification implies that more than 95% of all medical conditions are to be diagnosed and treated in frames of the first visit to the clinic. According to our internal protocols primary diagnostics (lab tests, ultra-sound, x-ray) are to be provided immediately after patient's arrival and preliminary diagnosis will be made. Euromed is fully equipped to diagnose the majority medical conditions using tradition methods of functional and laboratory diagnostics. With the all procedures being provided at the same place, our patients save their precious time.

Most prominent Saint-Petersburg families have granted their confidence to Euromed Clinic and chosen us as a provider of medical service for children, adults and elderly people.

Usually one doctor is responsible for health care of all family members. If there are any medical problems which are known to be out of his competence, a certified MD specialized on the narrow field of medical knowledge is invited to see the patient. Being responsible for health care of the family over a long period of time, family practitioner is capable to prevent exacerbations or development of chronic conditions, and choosing a treatment scheme based on drug tolerance information. The doctor also provides consultations by phone in case of minor concerns, and the patients are welcome to get doctor 24 hours daily over the phone and have their questions answered. Our patients are sure that their treating doctor is always on duty to protect their health and the health of all their family members.

We are happy to know that our family practitioners provide medical assistance at the best level of competence, helping our patients save time, with the highest level of convenience being provided.